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Bad year for Hogs and Bunnies?

I just recently took up hunting. I'm fourteen, and my arsenal includes a .22 and a thirty-thirty. I was told by these guys in Throckmorton (Texas) where my dad and I hunt that there are rabbits and hogs out the you know what in their land. But, I've only plugged two bunnies in two weeks while these guys tell me ten in a day was normal. And Ive seen (I could'nt shoot him as my gun wasn't loaded) one hog, while supposedly three in a day is nothing crazy. So, is anyone else noticing this, and if so, is it just a cycle?

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Bad year for Hogs and Bunnies?

Hang in there the bunnies will come back eventually and you got a lot of years ahead of you. Like, I said in my small game post different areas or pockets might hold em when one isn't. Check out some other areas if you can. I would imagine this applies to hogs as well. Thumbs up

Have tons of fun and be careful when you find em.

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Bad year for Hogs and Bunnies?

Hang in there, you'll get your chance and next time load the gun!

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Bad year for Hogs and Bunnies?

It wasn't a bad year here in central Arkansas for wild hogs! My two sons, ages 11 and 16 killed one each this year. Here are some photos.
You are welcome to email me privately for information on THE best place to go wild hog hunting in central Arkansas...

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