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A bad break for me.....

Here is a video I shot the other day with my girlfriends digital camera of a nice buck walking right underneath me. Why didn't I shoot him you ask? My bow was hanging under my climbing stand. I hadn't even gotten it pulled up when this fella walked through right under me. I watched him walk out of my life but I'll see him again and the result will be different then. Been seeing alot of big bucks moving in the middle of the day over the last 3 days. Been seeing bucks chasing a little too.


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man that sucks

nice buck hope you get a crack at him, he is nice and tall. Good luck out there, the rut is really going now, the bucks are up and moving

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A bad break for me.....

And I thought that stuff only happened to me...tough break. I feel for you.

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A bad break for me.....

That was a pretty deer. I think we've all had some variation of this situation happen. Cool video.

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A bad break for me.....

Great video. You were breathing so hard you could here it on the video. Buck Fever. No drug in the world can match that rush.

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