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That's amazing! I'll make a deal with you, I have my neighbors cat in my back yard always ripping up the garbage. I'll allow you to hunt the neighbors cat if I can hunt that deer! Whistling

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Here is mine....

This was by the kids's bus stop Friday. http://i891.photobucket.com/albums/ac118/lawrenceborn/muleyoct12better.jpg

muley oct 12 better.jpg
muley oct 12 better.jpg1.74 MB
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Wow, too funny.  Do those

Wow, too funny.  Do those guys live in town, or do they ever venture into an area that you can hunt them?

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We live in a subdivision in Colorado Springs.  Not country at all but on the west side of I25 and about 2-3 miles to the base of the Front Range.  Muleys are thick in the neighborhood.  We also have bears, bobcats, coyotes and cougars roaming through our yards.

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Legally I can shot on my

Legally I can shot on my property but do not as the wife does not want to shoot the pets. Also it would not be much of a hunt sitting on the back porch and shooting it at the water trough. As I have said before, I would like to find his sheds come this spring and make a mount of them.

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WOW SGM that is an awesome

WOW SGM that is an awesome deer.

Thanks for sharing the pics

And SFC B that deer is knarly not much for points but i love them KNARLY ones....why don't you just open your front door and get to know him better.... Hello

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