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Backyard Brute NY

Hey everyone, new to the site and love it. I've been an avid hunter for 12 years now, mostly with the bow. Here's my biggest buck with the bow. Got it about a week ago in Albany NY. I'm hunting a small funnel that runs between houses. Saw some good sign and set up. It paid off. 8point 192lbs

Deer 5.JPG
Deer 5.JPG687.95 KB
Deer 4.JPG
Deer 4.JPG679.07 KB
Deer 3.JPG
Deer 3.JPG680.82 KB
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Backyard Brute NY

Holy crap
Now thats a buck!

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Backyard Brute NY

Nice NY buck
Congrats and welcome to BGH

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Backyard Brute NY

WHAT A PIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF deer lifted weights that's what they'd look like!

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Backyard Brute NY

And he shot it with an ONIEDA!!!!!!!! Lawd I didnt think anyone had them thangs anymore Laugh Laugh Laugh Nice buck!!!!

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Backyard Brute NY

Great buck, congrats. Thumbs up

I hope you didn't field dress him in those jeans and sneakers, though! Shame on You!

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Backyard Brute NY

That is a beauty! Thumbs up

Congrats dude!

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Backyard Brute NY

Welcome aboard! Nice deer. Applause Got him right downtown huh! :\:D/ I'm gonna have to take up bo hunting! Yes

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Backyard Brute NY

Nice buck. I think I may start corning up my backyard. Thumbs up

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