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Re: Backpacking Turkey Success!!!

Great story. Got me even more excited for the spring season. It opens here May 1st and I am ready!

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Re: Backpacking Turkey Success!!!

That's awesome, hawkeye270! Coincidentally, I was talking with a guy this past weekend (after my own unsuccessful hunt - found tracks, but nothing standing in them...) About an area he knows to hold birds, but it is about 3 miles from any road. Got me wondering if anyone has ever "packed in" for a turkey hunt? Imagine my surprise to read your story the next day! Sometimes, if they can't come to the hunt, you have to take the hunt to them! Congrats! Great story and great bird!

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Re: Backpacking Turkey Success!!!

Awesome job, hard work pays off and great story.


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Re: Backpacking Turkey Success!!!

Great story! Glad all that work paid off for you in the end! Thanks for sharing. Thumbs up

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Re: Backpacking Turkey Success!!!

Congrats on your bird, hawkeye. Sounds like a great experience providing lasting memories. Thumbs up Thumbs up

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Re: Backpacking Turkey Success!!!

I'm all about hard work. Congrats on putting in the effort most would not.

Thanks for the story and pic's!

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