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Backpacking for elk

Thanks for the advice,it is well appreciated. Read the article on altitude sickness,have not gotten it before ,but I guess there always is a first time. I suppose I can count on the weather changing if nothing else. Is the steri-pen a joke. I took a bottle to northern quebec last year and could not get water to go through it ,it was faulty, should I get another one?Pitched it in the lake , later found out the water we were drinking at camp was pumped ot of the lake 50 yrds from a caribou carcass.No ill effects luckily...No grizz there right? I will bring mace .The fruit and out meal and bacon and peanut butter are right down my alley ,thanks. Do you deliver hot coffee and pie? What is theright sleeping bag? Thanks again

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Backpacking for elk

Black bears do abound...rarely they 'normally' bother humans,but as a camp cook, I Sleep with the food and have had need to protect!
Now about that hot coffee delivery...I am canning Fresh Peach Pie Filling and Olathe Sweet Corn on the cob, as we speak! We grow it here ya dontcha know!!... You just best mosey over to the Classified Ad Section, of this here site.wink* wink*.
Always willing to share my knowledge of hunting the area ( I am a meat hunter),but you guys are always surprised at what I get just sittin' here at camp...exercise and fresh air...well I get that in the summer months, other questions concerning the filling of a belly or First Aid or cooking tips. Anytime
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