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Backpack hunt

This may seem like a question with an obvious answer, but I've never received a direct response. I'm a newbie to bowhunting and am considering venturing a little further out from the cabin for a stretch during the season.

When you read about a backpack elk hunt you always hear "getting miles away from the nearest road/atv trail". Some of these writers are hunting solo as well, and shooting monster bulls that weigh a ton.

For anybody with backpack hunting experience, how exactly do you get the quarters into a cooler quickly when in such a remote area? Considering the temperatures during bow season, I would imagine it has to be done pretty quickly.

Do you operate out of a "base camp" of sorts and keep coolers near your truck? Do you pre-arrange with a cowboy and rent a horse? Or do you not drift to far from an atv trail?

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Backpack hunt

Get the meet deboned and hang it in the shade. Yo will be making 3-trips if you are solo, so hire a packer if you can not do it physicly. Thumbs up

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Backpack hunt

RJ50, I agree with hunting1. We have always just deboned the animals and hung them in the shade in a good quality game bag, not pull over cheese cloth. We get most of ours at Sportsman's Wharehouse, right now my meat cutter is making me some costum bags that I feel are going to be great.

Good luck and good hunting!

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Backpack hunt

What they said, plus don't forget we are talking about DEBONING, not merely quartering. The deboning process exposes a lot more of the meat's surface area to the air which allows it to cool faster. 3rd season should be plenty cool, but getting the meat hung in the shade is best. And debone the whole animal, then start taking trips with meat back to camp. Don't just cut off a load, pack up and go, while leaving 3/4 of the animal intact. That's a great way to end up with spoiled meat.

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Backpack hunt

As the others have said debone and use GOOD game bags.I take 6 so I can split up meat and keep clean. The shade should work with a breeze is best.

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Backpack hunt

It is a rough trip back to the road.
As the others have said, use a quality game bag. I get mine from Cabelas. Take plenty of pepper (2 or three bottles). I coat my game bags with it after the meat is put in it. This will keep these seemingly huge flies off. We had some meat almost ruin because these flies in just one day.The pepper will help with the flies but I havn't figured out how to keep away the magpies.
I try to find some dark timber (pine) to hang the bags.
I have layed out the meat at night on a tarp and rebagged in the morning. It will cool quicker.
We usuallly rent a horse. I've had thoughts of using a two wheel cart, drag in in with the camping gear on it. They make carts with brakes which may be needed in real rough terrain.
I have hunted unit 4 twice, 1st season rifle and took two nice 5x5 bulls. I wish I knew the answer to the 2nd season woes of how to find the elk. Once the guns start barking the elk are heading out, I just don't know where. I've came up empty serveral times but usually have a great time.
Good luck, Jay.

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Backpack hunt

I knew it would be an obvious answer Brick Wall,) .

Thank you. I just wanted to be sure it would be ok for several hours while making the trips to the atv trail.

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Backpack hunt

these are not legal in wilderness areas but mountain bikes work awesome for getting game out. as long as you can ride a bike in the mountains.

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