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  Very nice lists you guys


Very nice lists you guys have there. I'm doing a backpacking hunting trip later this month, it willbe my first and cant wait to get up there. My brother will be going with me, other than seiing him at night i dont plan on seeing another person while I'm up there. So here my list.

1 person tent

pad and sleeping bag

2 sets of cloths

3pairs of socks

small saw, knives, firstaid firestarter, headlamp, batteries


MT house freeze dried meals

instant oatmeal

jerkey, trailmix, cliff bars

peanutbutter and bacon sandwiches

3liter bladder

water filter

I'm sure I'm forgetting some stuff off my list but I'm bringing what i need and have been packing and repacking my pack getting everything ready to go.

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A couple of questions\

A couple of questions\ observations on the kifaru tipi.

Why the 6 man with medium stove for one person?  I only ask because my 4 man with a small stove works great for solo hunting.

Also what is with the rocks under the stove.  do they hold the stove up right or do they keep heating after the nights fire went out.  I usually put my wet wood or kindling for the next fire under mine.

also getting the elk out is the hard part of solo backcountry hunting.  But it can and has been done many a times. 




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i also saw you had an ipod. 

i also saw you had an ipod.  do you use the headphone or did you get a little speaker from radio shack?  They are handy and you can still hear music but not be shut off from your surroundings.

i have also had a little radio that picks up the noaa weather channel.  Kind of handy.