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Is the backdoor draw correct 100% of the time?

I was wondering if the backdoor draw method has been correct for everyone 100% of the time. I'm sure hoping not because if it is it means that I didn't draw my pronghorn tag and thus didn't draw any of the three big first choice tags that I thought I was gonna draw. My bro drew all three and is going to be one busy kid. I guess it just means I get an extra year of "free" scouting in all the spots haha.

HeavyC... did I see that you drew three primo tags too?

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Re: Is the backdoor draw correct 100% of the time?

look at it this way bro, atleast you get to tag along on some cool hunts and help me out then i will have to return the favor next year. Plus, like you said it is a free chance to get some good experience in units you will likely be hunting in. knowing you, you will kill a buck and a bull bigger than either of mine on second choice tags and then top those animals next year.

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Re: Is the backdoor draw correct 100% of the time?


I did see it go wrong last year to one of my hunting partners. It actually said 590 and I told him he drew his 3rd season 21 muley tag. When it was actually posted he received a preference point and no tag.


Congrats on the great tags and good luck on the hunts! My brother and I are very competitive when it pretty much comes to everything especially hunting. When he killed his giant bull in 2004 during archery season I new I could never better his bull, but two years later I did get the job done. Evil!

I hope everything works out on your hunts this year. Thumbs up


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Re: Is the backdoor draw correct 100% of the time?

I am sure thinking that I got my 1st choice pronghorn tag. Looking at the statistics and the backdoor telling me I drew something. I think what helped me, was spending so much time in other places last summer and learning them. I was amazed at a couple of areas I learned about that are pretty much off the beatin path. And I think it may help me even more next year when I have no pref points cept for bear! Though I think I will build those for 2-3 more years, at the most.

Best of luck in what you guys end of doing!

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