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Back from WY

Just wanted to thank everyone on this forum for making my first WY antelope hunt a successful one! I was only able to fill one tag but it was a great trip and I will definitely be back.

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"Only one" is better than

"Only one" is better than "None"..... Congrats!!!!

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Good work

Nice job!!! Good looking doe.
I just got back from my first Wy antelope/deer hunt also.

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They are SO tasty!! You will

They are SO tasty!! You will love those tenderloins!!

How far was the shot? Where were You?

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Wyoming Antelope

Congrats! I just returned from Wyoming myself and was only able to fill my antelope tag. Antelope numbers seemed to be many times higher than the past 5 years. They were absolutely everywhere. The two white tail doe only tags (unit 40 / 41), both went unfilled. Saw many mule deer and elk, but had no tags due to an unsuccessful draw. Did however gain access to two more huge ranches for next year, should we draw tags. Hunted Ten Sleep area. Snowed about half the days we were there.

Tough, tough hunting this year. Only three other animals were taken by our group of six. Fun vacation regardless. With us, it's more about the camp out. Animals are a huge bonus though and appreciated. Can't wait until next year.

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Thanks for the pic. Now we want a story! we want a story! We want a story!

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