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way to go on the nice bull.  You tell your dad that its now time to pay him back for all he has done for you over the years.  He is lucky to get out there.  I know my dad gets a little frustrated he cant move as well, or as fast, or do the things he'd like to sometimes, but heck, thats what Im there for, to help him out.  Circle of life.....

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congrats.  sounds like you

congrats.  sounds like you had a great time and got a bull to boot.  Was your permits in a limited draw unit?  I thought the first rifle season started on the 15th in Colorado? 

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It'll all be worth it

I have to admit that I don't like the pressure of high point hunts, but it will all be worth it if you can get one that your dad is happy with.

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Wade, Glad to hear you made


Glad to hear you made it back in one piece. That bull is a keeper in my book LE tag or not. Congrats on the fine looking animal. I'm sure you'll get your dad on amonster when you make it back out. Heck I'm only 30 and my knees are shot and my shoulder is falling apart, I'm sure your dad will be fine. From someone who has only shot spikes and cows I can tell you I'd be on cloud nine with any branched bull right about now. again congrats on your bull and glad you had a good time.

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Thanks for all the good words

Thanks for all the good words guys and again I'm really happy with how things have worked out. We'll be on the way at 3am tomorrow morning to give it another try. My friend had to back out so if we get one it looks like it's all on me. I'm going to try to keep it within 3 miles of the truck just to be safe. I know I can handle that much alone if I need to. A couple extra trips with smaller packs if I have to will be fine.

Now we just have to hope the bulls are where we need them to be and were set.

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  Damn Nice antlers Wade! 


Damn Nice antlers Wade!  Definitely not a mistake but rather a great harvest!  I hope you can take Dad back out today and fill his tag.  My Dad is 78 and getting harder to take out on hunts but I am hopeful that next year he will join me for an Dad-and-Son hunt here.  Good Luck and I am looking forward to the story! Thumbs up


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