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back pack sugestion

Help! Help! i was looking at the Cabela's Alaskan Guide pack with frame. i wont be doing any more than maybe a overnight spike camp at this time. but just wondering what are yalls opinions are with packs .hopefully soon i will be able to start longer treks back in the no mans land and have a good pack to do it with

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Re: back pack sugestion

I was going to get that same pack but ended up getting a badlands 2800 instead and i am glad i did! this year i am going to buy a badlands sacrifice 3800 which just came out.

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Re: back pack sugestion

I have an Alaskan Guide frame pack and it's worked well enough for me. I've done pack trips and packed elk out with it. 10 years old and nothing broken yet.

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Re: back pack sugestion
exbiologist wrote:
I have an Alaskan Guide frame pack and it's worked well enough for me. I've done pack trips and packed elk out with it. 10 years old and nothing broken yet.

I'll second that! I have two and put the pack on one and leave the other with just the frame. No worse for the wear and 5 years running. Lightweight & tough, I can fit two one litre or a two litre bottle in the hydration pouch; have used it on nomral backpacking trips several times and help enough for an entire week; and I have used it as gun rest on a few occasions too. Evil! ...and for the price, I don't think that you can beat it.

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Re: back pack sugestion

That was the first pack I purchased for backpacking many years ago. It probably lasted 15+ years before the frame broke. It was a darn good pack. It should do just fine. I had an old Army Alice pack before that.

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Re: back pack sugestion

I bought the Cabelas External-frame Guide Pack before my bro started working for Kifaru. He convinced me that they were the best packs out there and I haven't looked back. If you can afford Kifaru... it's the best stuff out there.

But the cabela's pack has served me well too.

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Re: back pack sugestion

Kifaru is great gear if you have the money. I will admit it definitely isnt cheap but i will tell you it is worth the money. THe owner and designer of all the gear the company makes is a hardcore backcountry solo hunter like a lot of us are. You can checkout the gear at Kifaru.net. Sorry if i sound like a salesperson. I just like their gear that much.

On the other side though, the Cabelas pack is maybe the best external frame pack on the market. The main thing about any pack you buy being comfortable is that it fits you. If you can try them on before you buy.

Thats my $.02, hope it helps

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Re: back pack sugestion

i used to have an Alaskan Guide pack and i liked it quite a bit. then last year as i was pulling out of my drive to go on an elk hunt i felt like i ran over something so i got out and saw that i had forgotten to put my pack into the truck and that i had ran over it. three of the cross bars had broken and the outside frame was bent badly. so i went to wholesale sports and bought a Black Ridge puma. it is by far the best pack i have ever had and i used it to pack out my bull and my brothers. this is a good pack.

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The alaskan bag and frame will work just fine. I used mine three years and got the job done. My only probs with it is where the load lifters attach to the frame. The attachment point is a metal piece pop rivited to the frame and the rivits busted disabling the load lifter. I drilled out the rivits and used 5/16 sheet metal screws to reatach and all is well.I bought a Kifaru LH for this year, so far im loving it,carries like a dream.

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The Alaskan will work great. 

The Alaskan will work great.  I am too looking at packs.  I am leaning towards a Eberlestock J34, Blacks Creek Candian and the Long Horn Hunter MainBeanXL.  There is some great pack reviews going on on Bowsite.com elk page if I can say that here??

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Eberlestock makes really nice packs. I have used the X1A1 and just got back from a 3 day backpack trip. It's a little small and I would recommend the Just One pack if you plan on doing over night hunts/camping. Otherwise the X1A1 is great for day use and hauling out game

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