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I am struggling to figure out

I am struggling to figure out the need for a 60-115 lb pack. I am by no means one of those people completely obsessed with cutting down on carry weight but I have no problem on a 1/2 week trip staying under 40lbs. I carried a 75 lb pack into the high country during my internship this summer(bighorn sheep in Rocky Mtn. National Park) to stock up a ranger cabin and my knees were not excited about the whole ordeal.

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I always weigh my pack and

I always weigh my pack and know exactly how much everything I am carrying weighs and I am A pretty much minimalist. Ask Hawkeye (brother) about my excel spreadsheet. Going in Friday night and planning on coming out Monday night so 3 nights and 3 full days of archery hunting my pack was in the 35-32 pound range depending on how full my platypus bladders were. There is no need for 100 pounds worth of gear my gear before food around 23 pounds. 4-7 pounds a day worth of food depending on what it is and you can do the math. Bottom line, If this guy was carrying 500 pounds for a weekend elk hunt, he is pretty dumb because it was just harmful to him and hindered his hiking ability. Maybe he was trying to compensate for some other shortcoming.

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Animal Packing Only

For me it is only heavy when packing animals out!


I too can get away with 40ish pounds for a week in the back country. (Now that I have the right gear that is :thumbsup1:  ) Though I guess that is assuming that I have a water supply nearby and can use my filter! Heck, if I had to pack water you can add 6 days of water to that weight, as I only take a days worth on me. (I drink more than most as well, due to my size and the fact that I had heat exhaustion once upon a time and have to over-hydrate most of the time as I am very susceptible to it reoccuring :( )


Another thing that I have to take into account is the sheer area my gear needs to cover!!  :yes:  ...300+ pounds of me requires a bigger bag than most, and as well my 3x cloths all weigh more than the average joe's do  :lol:  

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Expedition packs on

Expedition packs on mountaineering trips on the larger mountains are going to come in right around that 65lb mark.  That is about what most people can carry, at altitude, for 6 to 8 hours and still ascend a grade.  If it's a long trip and they need more than that then they will use sleds, mules, or porters.

I've carried heavier when I was packing meat but I don't like doing it.  A misstep or a rolled ankle or something can get serious fast if you are carrying too much.

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the only time i can see a

the only time i can see a pack being over 60lbs is if your packing out an animal other wise you can get by with a 40-50lbs pack for 7-10 days.

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Are yall including your rifle

Are yall including your rifle with these weights? My Rifle is in my pack when packing in. Too awkward too carry on a sling.

Numb, you say 50lb pack for 10 days worth of rations, clothing, gear, everything included. That's seems awfully low for that amount of time. 1o days worth of food? What do you take for food on your trips? What's your packing list, how about giving me a run down of your gear? Maybe I can fugure out ways to trim my gear list with some insight from your packing list.

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