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Back pack items for mule deer.

I am a minimalist, and pack only what I know I will absolutely need, so I'm curious to see what you guys bring too. Post up your reply.

In my Badlands Reactor (Thanks to BGH!!!) this year, I will carry:


Petzl headlamp

Nikon Buckmasters rangefinder

Knives of Alaska caping knife

Sure Fire G2 flashlight (thanks to BGH!!!)

3 cloth game bags

2 liters of water In the camel back

(my weapon)

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in my pack

For me what I carry all depends on where I'm going, what I'm hunting, and how familiar I am with the area.  Generally the areas I hunt are areas I'm very familiar with and I rarely cover more than 3 miles in day while actually hunting.  The following is a list of items I would carry when not familiar with an area.  Generally my list and pack have less than this though.

In my pack:

-field dressing gloves

-blaze orange #550 paracord or rope (50 ft)

-fillet knife (6 inch blade)

-1 liter nalgene bottles x2

-game bags x2

- MRE's and heaters x2 (one for lunch, and one for emergency use)

-spare pair of dry wool socks (sealed in ziplock bag)

-high energy snacks

-toilet paper

-small survival kit (10 essential in a compact pouch)

-Aluminum canteen cup/fold-up Esbit Stove/fuel tablets (emergency stuff)


-extra batteries

-small zip-tie x2 (for securing tag to the meat)

-mini butchers steel (compact field sharpener)

-Leatherman Wave

-ball point pen (gotta be able to fill out and sign your tag)

- one gallon ziplock freezer bags x2 (for my own trash and stuff)


On my person:

-clothes, footwear, and headwear (appropriate for the weather)

-tag (in my wallet)

-folding lock-back knife (in belt sheath)

-mini maglite in belt sheath (light was converted with nite ize LED)



-Rifle and ammo

It may seem like a lot in the pack, but the largest and heaviest items are actually the two water bottles, everything else takes up very little room and does not weigh much at all. I also keep a gallon of drinking water back in the truck waiting for me when I return.  I don't carry a whole lot of extra gear because even in adverse weather I can generally hike out and get back to the truck in a timely manner. Plus I've proven to myself that I can improvise in a survival situation when the need arises. 

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I also won one of those, and

I also won one of those, and used it alot last year.  It's a great little daypack to use (thanks BGH).

As for what to bring, I like your list.  I am assuming you mean for a day trip, and not an overnight excursion. Of course, I would add some safety items like a lighter, compass (or GPS), and a first aid kit.  Other than that, it looks good. 

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Great topic - it is definitely time to hunt mule deer!

Ok I’ll weigh in. This is a great thread for me to spend some time thinking about since I need to pack for my mule deer hunt with Arrow Flipper next month! Woohoo (happy dance!). It’s been years since I have been west of New York State. And it is definitely time to hunt mule deer. Yeah I am looking forward to it just that much.  :\\\\:D/

I’ll wear good boots and start with a coat and gloves in the morning with a couple layers underneath. A hat. I like the ball caps with a light built in. 

Spare ammunition cartridges in my jacket pockets. I too carry my license and tag in my wallet, along with a book of matches and a small folding knife in my hip pocket. 

-binoculars and harness for them this year I’ll be bringing binoculars thanks to BGH! 

-Rifle and ammo In my day pack – Spare ammunition; Spare glasses (Rx sun glasses if I am wearing clear lenses or the clear glass as the spare if I am wearing the Rx sunglasses); a compass, cell phone, fixed blade knife (mines a Cutco 519), more matches; some high energy snacks like trail mix and candy and a couple of drinks with caffeine (the drinks are only outweighed by the rifle out of everything I carry); toilet paper (never leave home without it!); and last a very small compact basic survival/first aide kit including band aides, and just a few tablets of several over the counter medicines including allergy meds in case of bee stings etcetera.

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Back Pack Stuff

Well most the folks that already chimed in hit most of what I take but here is my list.

I like a butt pack to keep the weight on my hips not on my shoulders.


Pen to sign tag

Wyoming knife with extra blades

Mini Mag light

4 cloth game bags

2 Capri Sun Drinks, the one is the foil package

Extra ammo for main weapon and sidearm

Latex gloves X2 sets

Small candy bars for snack/energy

Toilet paper inside 2 small zip bags. Wet TP is worthless!

Twist-ties for securing tag to the meat

Saw chest saw for cutting hips and chest open

Water proof matches and fire starter kit if needed even if wet.


Orange game tape just in case for pack out

Always good boots and folding knife in pants pocket. Clothing depends on the weather so it can vary. Binos/range finder and calls are in my jacket for easy access.

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90% of the time if I am just

90% of the time if I am just hunting mule deer I only take what I have in my pockets and strapped to my belt and a 1 quart canteen.  A leatherman super tool, 10 extra rounds for my rifle, and a extra knife (I already have a pocket knife and two knife blades on the leatherman). 

Now if I grab one of my packs that is a whole different question.  In each of the packs that I have weather it is a fanny pack or a day back pack I have the following

Flashlight and head lamp with extra batteries

Matches, two butane lighters and 2 candles

Two pieces of para cord both of them 50' long.

Two heavy duty 60 gallon garbage bags

Rain gear both a jacket and pants

Knife sharpener

Pack saw, which can double as a hammer

4 packs of TP.  Each pack is 6 squares packed inside a sandwich bag

4 packs of baby wipes.  Each pack is inside a sandwich bag

 For food I have

Two Capri drink pouches

4-6 granola bars

4-6 candy bars

2 dehydrated bowls of soup.  The micro wave type of Top Raman

Quite a bit of cut up beef jerky

Second canteen of water, only in the day pack. 

With these items I have stayed out for a couple of nights on the hill when I have found that I was further back in that I expected to go, or have found the animals that I wanted to go after and didn't want to head back to camp.  Usually the hunters that I am with won't worry too much about me if I do stay out one night but after the second night they will come looking.   


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mt multi-day setup is

mt multi-day setup is different, but i too will stay out all night waiting on a deer.

i seriosly only take the gear  in my list, plus what i'm wearing. i take everything out of my pockets and ditch the pocket knife for the fixed blade.


12 more days until i go out!!!

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