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Back from Maryland

Had a pretty good late rut hunt in Maryland this past weekend. It didnt net us a wallhangar this trip and was marred with video camera failures and just basic bad luck in the camera gear department. But we saw some great bucks and a ton of average deer.

Friday morning we went out and scouted a public land area I have hunted in the past. It is bow only and fairly heavilly populated est 60 dpsm. As I crested the last ridge before going into a creekbottom that is typically full of deer this time of year, I stopped and commented on how great this spot can be. We peeked over and 45 yards out was a 125 class 10 pointer making a scrape. We watched him walk in and out of bowrange for 5 minutes , all the while rolling our eyes cause we were scouting bowless!

Good news was the deer were there and all sign said this is the place to be. We hunted the next morning and saw several young bucks a bunch of does and one grown buck made a brief appearance 200 yards up the creek from us. That afternoon was much of the same lots of young buck action and doe movement but little in the realm of mature bucks.

We were early for the chase phase, and only witnessed one mini chase when two spikes took off after a doe. Very likely that today or tomorrow it will be on full bore in the Maryland woods but we had other committments here at home to get to. Might make it back up later this week.

All in all another great Maryland public land experience, despite not laying an arrow in one. We could have taken some does and small bucks but when your hunting in the type of land where a 150 could roll in anytime, you dont waste buck tags. To boot when your a mile back in hilly terrain you dont drop meat deer. Hopefully I will get top pull out here this coming weekend and put on another hunt.

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Back from Maryland

Sounds like a good time anyways. The reason it is called hunting and not killing.

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Back from Maryland

Sounds like the same activity that is just getting started here. Hope you connect on one the next time you go up Thumbs up

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Back from Maryland

Sounds like it was a good time. Maybe next time you will see one of the big boys Thumbs up

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