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Back from Idaho

Back from my Idaho wolf and deer hunt. I think bad weather follows me as 5 of 6 days it either snowed or rained on us all day long. I like some snow but 12-18 inches gets to be too much and rain all day just plain sucks. Then add in some thick cloud cover and fog and glassing becomes a real nightmare too. Despite all that, we had a great time and I took the biggest buck of my life. We saw plenty of wolf sign, tracks and scat, but never did see a wolf or even hear one. At one point we had them cut our tracks within an hour of us walking one ridge. As for the deer I took him on the 5th day of the hunt in less than ideal conditions. The prior four days we humped thru snow anywhere from 8-12 inches and thru plenty of snow drifts 24 or more inches. We saw a few nice bucks and several small bucks but nothing I was wanting to chase. On the afternoon of the 5th day we decided to take a 6 hour drive to the opposite side of our unit and do a hike in and spike camp. This took us deeper into the Frank Church Wilderness but at a lower elevation. Plan worked out but all the snow turned to rain which was no fun at all. We arrived at the tail head about 330, got our packs on and headed up. Took us four hours to walk the 11 miles to where we planned to set up camp. First 7-8 miles where not bad but in the last 3-4 mile you gain about 3000 feet in elevation. It was not an easy hike as you can guess and of course it rained on us and the last 2 miles or so where in the dark. Once at camp, we set up, had a hot meal and got some much needed sleep. After breakfast we headed out hunting and for the first time all week we had no rain and could see some stars. Well that quickly changed as the rain moved back in with some thick fog and low clouds. Due to the fog we could not glass very well but did our best thru the small windows we had. About 1100 we spotted the buck thru the spotting scope at about a mile away. Lost him several times due to weather so made our plan and took off after him. Spotted him and several does again briefly at about 1/2 mile but now the fog really moved in and at best you could see images walking thru the fog or nothing at all. Knowing he was fairly close we decided to just sit and wait it out. Well that seemed to be the best idea we had as the fog finally lifted about 1215 and we could see clearly the hill side the buck was on. It took about 15 minutes and I finally saw him coming up from the thick timber in this little draw. Thru the mix of live and burnt trees (lots of burnt trees) I could tell he was a shooter so we set up behind a large downed tree. As he moved around following does he started in our direction. First opportunity was at 314 yards but that window closed very quickly. Next he was hot on a doe, she walked into a nice clear lane and stood there, he followed her but as usual he hung up behind her in some heavy cover with no shot for me at about 260 yards. She continued forward but for some reason he turned and went the other way for 25 yards or so then again turned to follow her. Just as I thought he would walk into the lane something spooked the deer and all the deer (30 or so) started on a dead run down hill but quartering away from me. The wind was in our face so I do not think we got winded but we did hear several of the old burnt trees fall that day so maybe it was that or a predator we did not see. Anyways here they come running down hill, I have the scope on him but waiting for a clear shot thru the trees. At one point he runs straight at me then turns to his right and starts that stiff legged run/walk they do. This gave me the opportunity I was waiting for and I took it at about 175 yards. His back legs buckled and he took off running but only made it 20-25 yards before he piled up in the bushes. From where I shot and he laid I could not see him so I was a little excited to get to him. About 1/2 way to him I could see one antler sticking up, looked thru the scope at him to make sure he was down and he was down for the count. I knew he was pretty good but instead of ground shrinkage he kept getting bigger. Once at the buck is when I noticed how thick he really was, his huge eye guards/brow tines and the 6th point on his left side. For you guys who like the point system he has a raw green score of 198 1/8 with an outside spread of 27 2/8 inches, inside was 21 2/8. The pack out was tough with all the extra weight but it was well worth it. As you can see he is a dandy buck and my biggest to date.

DSCN8054.JPG1.88 MB
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Very impressive !


WOW ! Congrats on an amazing buck ! Thumbs up That was a very hard earned trophy and I appreciate you sharing the great story and pics. I look forward to seeing him mounted in your home.


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Awesome awesome awesome

Awesome awesome awesome buck!  It deserves 3X the awesome!  Congrats on a great buck!

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Great story and even better

Great story and even better pics! What a cool buck with the extra points and character. I'd be proud to show off that mount for sure. Thanks for sharing, really enjoyed the read.

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That thing is a pig!!!!

That thing is a pig!!!! Congrats!! Beautiful buck!

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Thanks guys, I have t admit I am proud of this one for sure. Taxidermist said it will be 9-12 months before I get him back, wish it did not take so long. Headed out today for 4th season cow elk. Taking a newbie so this could prove interesting.

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Congrats on a very nice buck!

Congrats on a very nice buck!

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Saweet Buck!

That is a great buck!

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WOW! That is fantastic. A wall hanger for sure!

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Congrats! on the greta buck. To bad no wolves and the crazy weather. good luck on your cow hunt.

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WOW !! That is an awesome deer. Makes me wish I didn't have to wait 4 years between getting drawn up here.

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