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Back door Elk

Still seeing nothing on preference points but I checked the back door method and see I have the 580 code for elk meaning I drew my archery tag for a limited unit. Only put in one choice so I got my first and only choice. Got to call my bud from Tennesse and let him know we'll be chasing elk together as we put in as a group. I am pretty freakin darn excited to say the least! Didn't show any codes for deer or antelope yet on the back door for me though.

Good luck to all on your draws

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Looks like I have my muzzle

Looks like I have my muzzle loader tag for elk in unit 61, now for the scouting trips. 

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Yup! Elk and bear success for

Yup! Elk and bear success for me. Deer is fail.

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580 code for me as well and

580 code for me as well and it looks like my points are gone for elk. so that means I drew my first choice and I had to of got it through the hybrid because I was still at least two years out. Awesome! deer and antelope look like another point for them!

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We went 1 for 3 on the first

We went 1 for 3 on the first choice hunts for elk.  My son got his first choice, I pulled a 2nd or 3rd choice and my daughter didn't pull a tag.  Not sure how that makes sense--she's a youth and should have gotten preference on her 2nd choice.  If I got my second choice then my daughter got screwed because we put in for the same 2nd choice.

And to make it even more curious, she didn't draw her doe deer tag (as a 2nd choice) with youth preference either.  Something isn't right with her results.  We know the rules for youth preference and didn't screw up putting in for ineligible hunt codes.  She should have gotten preference.  Maybe there were a lot more youth applying for the tag this year than in seasons past?

My son got screwed a couple of years ago too and found out he had 2 diferent CID numbers, one with points and one without.  He ended up going through the draw with the no points CID and didn't draw a tag that was a guaranteed draw with 1 point.  Missed a hunt with a couple of other friends.  But this is my daughter's first time in the draw so there isn't multiple CID's getting the way.  We'll wait to see all the results I guess and then ask questions if it doesn't add up for her.  I'd hate to see her not get to go elk or deer hunting this year for herself.

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Where do you find these 580

Where do you find these 580 codes? I have looked through the secret source stuff for me and my daughters and I don't see anything about points or secret codes. 

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Go through the process as if you are going to purchase a habitat stamp. Once you get to the page showing what licenses are available, there is a table at the bottom saying products you alreaddy have. 4XX is the application, 5XX means you have a tag

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I forget, on the backdoor

I forget, on the backdoor method will it show a 500 code if you drew a 2nd choice?

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Yes second choice will show

Yes second choice will show the same.  So if you cannot tell if pp are updated you have no way of knowing what choice. 

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Ca'ching!  580 code for me!

Ca'ching!  580 code for me!  Sweet!

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Like backdoor deer is up as well. I drew my tag which was also a first only choice which was my same tag as last year, Eastern plains archery either sex. So the bow will be in use from Sep. elk thru Oct./Dec. deer. Good stuff!

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