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Back from Colorado unit 40 hunt

Well I had an amazing hunt this year here in unit 40. Started off opening day with a 350" bull and a raghorn 5x5 less then 100 yards out the window of the truck at first light on the way to where I was going to hunt that morning. I looked him over and even loaded the Ultra Mag, but did not pull the trigger. 

 Every day we saw great bulls and I had one of my best freinds, Kevin, who was hunting with me also and had a unit 40 bull tag. He had never taken an elk before and I had high hopes for him. We were seeing elk every day and on Monday morning I had to do a little predator control.

On Tuesaday I found a huge bull, but was not fast enough to get on him and get the job done. That same morning we got Kevin on a group of 5 cows and calves with a spike, but Kevin was not able to get on them.

Wednesday came and we found 5 bulls hiding on the side of a nasty canyon with a 330" type 6x6, a big 5x7, a broken up 320" type 6x6, and a small 4x5. Kevin found the broken up 6x6 in his scope and pulled the trigger. The bull was down, but then the trip down to him and the pack out began. Wow what a haul.....

Back at the top (my son and dad).

We hunted back over in the area I found the giant bull on Thursday, but I could not locate him again. On Friday I did not find anything in the morning so we decided to hit an area I had scouted the first weekend of 2nd rifle season and found three bulls with several cows and calves. My son and I made a plan and moved in on them. As we were getting to where we were going to setup the big bull bugled to let the herd know it was ok to go out in the clearing and the rest was history.

It was an amazing hunt with my son, dad, and best freind and I recommend it to anyone willing to put in the time and effort to work around the private. Also a huge thank you to my brother, his boys, and my oldest son for coming up and helping us pack out my bull.


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Great story. Congrats to all

Great story. Congrats to all of you for a successful hunt and a pair of very nice bulls.

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Looks like you had a great hunt.  Congrats.

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Great story, I was waiting

Great story, I was waiting for you to say that you shouldn't of passed up that first bull.  I know how that goes when you think that you can get into a better one. 

Have you checked out that 395 inch bull down at Matts that came out of Debeque yet? 



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Very nice, you boys sure made

Very nice, you boys sure made good on those hard to get tags. Great photos and story. Now to see the taxidermy photos in a year or so.

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Congrats Quinton, Sounds like

Congrats Quinton,

Sounds like a great hunt and two fantastic bulls. The pictures of your bull didn't come through on my computer. I'll try and log on again, but would you mind giving us an approximate score. Was it the same bull you saw on Tuesday?

Congratulations again,



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Thanks guys !

Thanks much everyone !


I never found the huge bull again and the bull I ended up taking will score right around 340". 


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Excellent! Congrats on your

Excellent! Congrats on your hunt and way to keep the yotes in check. 

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thats awesome sounds like a

thats awesome sounds like a great trip and great hunting


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Nice! That will be a tough

Nice! That will be a tough weekend to beat!!

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Great bulls! Congratulations

Great bulls! Congratulations on a great hunt.

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