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Back Bear Caliber

Hi there. Your perfered caliber for Alaska Black Bear Hunt.

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Back Bear Caliber

As much as I love my 7mm......Id have to step it up a notch to go to Alaska.

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Back Bear Caliber

A Black Bear is a black bear...30-06 will be more than adequate to deal with the largest black. If you're hunting with a guide in bear country I'll bet he's packing some serious bear medicine in case you encounter a brown. If I was on my own in Alaska bear country I'd probably want something beefier for security.

I still have my doubts of the ability of any hunting round to bring down a charging brown after he's decided you're dinner. Personally for that scenario I'd want a 12ga loaded with a mix of slugs and the heaviest gauge buck I could find.

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Back Bear Caliber

I'll vote for the 338 win. I have no problem with over-kill in bear country.

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Back Bear Caliber

My vote goes to the original short mag.......................The .350 Rem Mag

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