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AZ Unit 10

So I found out last night that we pulled 3 early season rifle bull tags in unit 10 (myself not included...my dad, an uncle, and a friend) and I plan on spending the next 6 months preparing with them. Well, we have never hunted unit 10, so I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to give us some insight on where to start.

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AZ Unit 10

Start by finding some good friends that can call those bulls. If you have three trophy tags in that unit, you are going to want to split up and hunt separately. Next thing is to get the older guys into shape. It would be a shame to waste the tags if they can't keep up the pace. As far as the unit goes, there is a lot of great glassing country. if we have a dry summer make sure you know where the water is and you'll be close. Shouldn't be too hard to find them. I'm sure you'll figure it out.

Have fun looking forward to it all summer! Good Luck!


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unit 10

This unit is supposed to be one of the best units for big bulls. Good thing your going early. We have always hunted that unit in Nov/Dec for cow elk. Double A
ranch road north of Williams north of the train tracks on the ranch that you can only walk in supposedly holds monster bulls. Also the Aubrey Clff area near
Seligman is also a good area. I always say walk in where vehicles cannot go
and your odds are better. This is a big unit and I have never been way north in the unit so I couldnt tell you if the northern part is any good. Have fun scouting
I wish we had the time to scout more in that area.[/b]

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