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Hi All,
I hope everyone's season is going or has gone as well as hoped. Take advantage of what you all have in Arizona. I grew up just outside of Flagstaff and I have been hunting my entire life with some very memorable experiences. I am now 20 years old and I play college baseball. In the pursuit of following my dreams to play pro ball I have ended up going to college in California. It made me realize just how awesome AZ is and how many incredible adventures it offers.

Anyway, I am writing because for my Christmas break I will be coming home for some archery deer action. I will not be able to scout before the season since I will be in school, so I was hoping for some helpful tips. Has anyone been seeing any Muley Bucks around anywhere? I have been pretty successful in my past muley archery trips, but I have always been able to put the preseason work in and now I can't so I am hoping for a little help. I know AZ (especially around flag) very very well, so I do have several places in mind, but it would be mighty helpful to have some places that are definitely holding deer this year. Any info you have to give is greatly appreciated.


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AZ Muleys

What unit do you prefer. There has been so little rain this year that the best tactic will be setting up a blind on a water hole. Hopefully things will change. I have actually seen some good numbers of Mule deer around the Williams area up in the pines.

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AZ Muleys

A little south of Garland Prairie. Yes


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AZ Muleys

I hate to rain on the parade but think that those areas are closed to archery late season. I do not have a current reg in front of me but the only area that was ever open that I know of on top is area 10 they always kept 5,6,7,8,9 closed after the late elk hunts becasue of winter weather and they was always afraid the deer hunters would mess up the roads that is what I was always told. If I am wrong I apologise but I usually hunt the mountains around Kingman or down around Wickenburg. I went to high school in Prescott and grew up in Flag FLag finally got a really good archery shop I do all my business there they are great.
Take care be safe

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