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Az antelope hunt

So my son drew a Az antelope tag and I was excited to get away after a long busy spring and summer. I arranged to take ten days off to go with him hunting. I packed the truck for tens days of camping equiptment while he was at school, when he came home from school he informed me that he now only had three days for the trip, because his professor was having some sort of test on monday. That threw us a curve ball, one day to get there, one day to hunt and one day to get back home. Well what the heck!!!
With no prior scouting and never been in this area before we headed out looking around and latter in the afternoon we found some goats feeding. We glassed them and my son wanted to make a play on the buck. We snuck into his range whare the tree line ended, I ranged the buck at 450 yards and converted it to 4.6 MOA, my son dialed up the scope and settled in for the shot. He made a perfect shot as I watched the goat get rocked and fliped over.

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Very nice goat. Congrats!!!!

Very nice goat. Congrats!!!!

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Great Goat!!!

That's a Great Goat!!!

I hope your son aced that school test too as he certainly aced the speed goat portion of life's test.

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Great looking speedgoat!

Great looking speedgoat! Congrats to your son!

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