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Awesome spring bear hunt southeast Alaska

My brother adn I had the opportunity to go on a boat based black bear hunt On Prince of Wales Island in mid may of this year. It was a great hunt with a great guide, that ended with 4 nice bears being harvested. 

Spent the mornings fishing, and then went out to spot and stalk in the afternoons until dark. Saw at least 40 bears until I was the last to tag out on the 5th day. The stalks were not really hard, but they were difficult because of trying to stay quiet on some really noisy terrain.  I stalked at least 12 bears, with all of them being busted by swirling air currents. My bear was a true 7'2" bear, with a 20 12/16 green skull. My only disappointment was not getting a shot at a real brute, that the guide said would have easily been 21-22" skull. It was just too dark to take a shot that I wasn't confident in taking. 

All around great hunting experience, probably one of my favorites all time.

Jim Phillips, Annahootz Alaskan Adventures, was an outstanding guide, cook, skinner, and everything else that needed doing.


I can highly reccomend his guide service.

Jeff Masters


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Welcome to the forum.    Do

Welcome to the forum. 


Do you have any pictures of the bears? 

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