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Hang food and keep a clean

Hang food and keep a clean camp. Carry bear spray can be more effective than a pistol it you don't shoot all the time. Don't buy the crap at wal mart it shoots five feet not 35 like its suppose too. If your really paranoid buy an ice fishing alarm and string fishing line thru the pull pin and circle it around camp. If something comes in the pin pulls out and alarm goes off loud as hell.... Hopefully scaring off bear.

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thanks for the comments. I didn't expect some of the disputing of dogs and no dogs but it makes for great conversation. To be clear I prefere to hunt bear without dogs, over a bait or spott and stock. I was merely stating that using dogs gives you a higher rate of success. I didn't mean it was easy, sorry if I miss spoke that part. I've seen guys chase bears for miles it's definately hard work and you have to be in good shape to keep up. Honestly, I'm just glad I don't have to worry about grizzlies.

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Hunting over gut piles?

I've heard different opinions on whether gut piles and/or carcasses are "naturally occuring."   It seems that it depends on the DPW official you talk to.  While archery hunting in unit 70 this year I ran into two groups of muzzleload hunters who claimed they were hunting over their gut piles a couple of days after killing elk.  One even claimed that a DPW officer informed him that he might want to hunt over a heifer bull that was killed by a bear recently in hope the bear would come back. 

I've seen this issue on the other forums also.  Below is one quote from a thread on bowsite from a person who claims to have called the broadway office in Denver. 

"Additionally, carcass/gut piles are fair game to hunt for a bear, as long as the hunter does not move them from the original kill site. They are considered naturally occurring or legally produced attractant."

I would of course be careful and ask the local DWP officials for their interpretation before trying it.  For me a NR bear tag is too expensive as a secondary tag so its a non-issue. 

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The DOW doesn't seem to be

The DOW doesn't seem to be consistant in what they say. I was told by a warden that it's ok to use a gutpile for bear hunting. As long as the gutpile wasn't from one of my kills.


The point he was making is you can use a gutpile, but you have to find one. Might be his personal rule??

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So I can hunt somebody in

So I can hunt somebody in camp's gutpile and they can hunt mine.   Makes sense. 

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