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Avoid eating garlic?

I was having a conversation with a girl that was telling me that if you eat a lot of garlic, you can smell it in your urine and your sweat. I know... I know... Kind of wierd but hey, what can you do. This got me wondering if there is anyone that avoids eating garlic before going out to the stand. I am a garlic fiend and so I don't know if I could cut it out of my diet completely.

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go ahead

As a counter argument I have read that eating garlic helps keep ticks away from you for exactly that reason.  So there is an incentive to eat it before hunting. 

Around here tick transmitted Lyme disease is deadly serious business.  So that is reason enough to eat garlic - even though I love it in just about everything I eat for dinner anyway!

My father in law said that you should not eat any meat the day before hunting or have sex teh night before for fear that the deer would smell it on you.  He'd also insist on peeing in a bottle when in the woods.

I have totally disregarded all of that advice and just this season I saw two deer walk up to smell the spot I had peed on about an hour before..............

Maybe there is truth in it, but it sure don't hold true all the time.  There are so many variables in hunting I think that you just have to pick which ones you want to work on and leave the rest alone. 

I'm going to keep eating garlic!

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Maybe she's interested in

Maybe she's interested in you, but was politely trying to tell you that you stink..... lol

Sorry, had to.... Wink

Seriously though, I have never thought of it from a hunting perspective.  I have a coworker who swore that you secreted it through your pores, and that's why he would take a garlic pill each day before work.  he said it kept the mosquitos and ticks off him.

Never tried it myself.  I too like alot of garlic.  But then again, I never see any deer, so maybe I should put 2 and 2 together.

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I think maybe my father in law was just busting my stones.  He's passed away now so I can't ask him for the definitive answer.  But what a choice - can you imagine having to CHOOSE between steak dinner with garlic mashed potatoes and a good night with the wife OR good luck while hunting.  Which would you give up if you could only choose one?  It's a horrible thing to contemplate!

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I've never worried too much

I've never worried too much about scent while I am bowhinting.  I'll just play the wind.  If you really look at it there are all kinds of odors out in the wild for the animals to pick up on.  But then I usually spot and stalk either mule deer or elk and don't use a tree stand where you are stuck in one spot all the time.  So bring on the garlic

Now if you are talking about going out on a date with a fine looking young lady well, then I might worry a little bit about it.  That is unless she likes the smell of it. 

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Lots of garlic and onions for

Lots of garlic and onions for me to keep the sandgnats and skeeters at bay. I'm not sure if it works though if you ask anyone who lives on the gulf coast and has to deal with sand gnats they'll probably tell you it works. Not sure about deer smelling it ...


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Load up on garlic

I tried growing garlic in my garden and the deer hammered it so hard that I could never harvest any. So they must like the smell and taste. Maybe it would work as an attractant.

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