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Average bull scores for GMU 51 New Mexico

Anyone know where I could find information indicating the average bull score for a certain GMUs within New Mexico? Im lookins specifically in GMU 51. Also, I saw a website that sells maps of areas showing migration routes of elk. Unfortunately it didnt have any available for New Mexico. Does anyone know where this could be found as well?

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well i am not sure about

well i am not sure about migration maps but do know that do move alot in GMU 51.  depends when your hunt is?   The average size bull is around 300"  I few will hit the 340-350 mark but not many.  The bigger bulls are in the western part of the state, GMU 15,all of the 16's, 17, 13.  all these units have 350-400 inch bulls. 

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Well i have hunted this area

Well i have hunted this area twice. Once in late October I saw an average 6x6 standing broadside at 75 yards. Unfortunately all I had was a cow tag. Im not good at judging inches but I would estimate him as around 300. The next time I hunted there was early October and all I saw was a small bull and a few cows. There is deffinately less activity or sign when its warm there. Thats why I put in for the late season bull hunt this year. I have hunted the 16s before, I just felt like there was always alot of pressure there, always stumbled on more hunters than animals. Thanks for the info.

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