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Average Antelope Tag

Just bought my first bow and am interested in an OTC antelope bowhunt next year.  Here are my questions:

1) What are units with good populations of antelope?  I am not looking for a trophy by any means, just lots of bucks and a fun time.

2) What's the best strategy?  Drive Walk-in areas till you see a herd, then make a stalk? 


Thanks in advance for the help,




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Have not done it myself yet,

Have not done it myself yet, but have lots of friends who have.  Wyoming seems to be the place to go.  Lots of tags, lots of public land.  Also, if you are just in it for the experience and some meat, don't overlook a doe tag.

As for methods for archery, I almost never hear of guys doing stalks on them.  It's too wide open.  I have seen guys use decoys and try to sneak in, or those antelope hats lol but not much.  The preferred method seems to be to find an active waterhole.  When the archery season occurs, usually in August I think, it's still darn hot out there.  If you do find that one waterhole on public ground that is being used, either set up a bround blind, or find some natural cover and wait.

I can't remember if it was GooseHunter, or Hawkeye that took one with a bow this year.  Hopefully one of them will chime in.

Good luck!

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What state are you looking

What state are you looking at?  As was said Wyoming has the most but just about any of the states that hold antelope offer archery tags that are quite easy to get. 

As far as hunting them with archery gear I would suggest a ground blind on a water hole and sit there all day long.  Antelope are not like other animals that drink in the morning or evening, I have seen them go to water holes all day long.  Also if there is a herd nearby I have seen just one or two at a time come into the water and then go back to the herd and then a while later a couple more will come in. 

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I'm from Colorado Springs, so

I'm from Colorado Springs, so I'd love to buy one of those cheap OTC tags on the Eastern Plains.  Could I still get the kind of hunt I am looking for, or do I need to make a Wyoming trip?

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Colorado is OK for antelope,

Colorado is OK for antelope, but not great.  Wyoming is great.  They have antelope everywhere.  

We don't archery hunt for them, that will certainly be a much bigger challenge but not impossible.  If I was going to try to stick an antelope, I'd go to Wyoming.  More animals usually means more opportunities for us.  The buck tags are a bit more expensive (just under $300 for non-resident adult), but the doe/fawn tags are really cheap, only $34 for a non-resident adult, and you can buy several tags for your trip.

As far as suggestions for tactics to get close enough, can't help too much there.  I have noticed the smaller kids are able to approach the goats (still only within 200 yards or so) closer than us adults.  I've also seen goats get very close to decoys, especially the lonely bucks during the rut.  I've never tried to use a decoy to hide behind for a stalk, but I think this could work OK under the right circumstances.  I don't know if I could sit in a blind all day waiting for something to come into range.


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We go to Wyoming every year

We go to Wyoming every year for archery and rifle we we always do very well.  If I was gonna choose one state to hunt antelope in it would be Wyoming...and I live in Colorado.  We usually hunt them over water with the bows...gets really exciting when you have alot of antelope coming to water and you are sitting 30 yards from them just waiting for your shot.  Spot and stalk is possible but very tough....with a bow in hand I have gotten to about 80 yards and could not close the deal.  I did stalk to 100 yards this past rifle season of a very large buck and he never knew I was there...so I learned alot from that experience...I really wanna shoot one that way I just think it would be a great rush.  So my vote goes to Wyoming.

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  These guys are the right


These guys are the right ones to listen to - Wyoming is the place to be if you want an easier hunt for antelope.  And using a bow is definitely a challenge but getting them close enough should be easier when you have such larger numbers of animals there.  I would say the use of a blind would be one option in order to get the closer shot at your animal.  Me - I am using a rifle and going out in the eastern plains of Colorado next weekend... and hope to have an easy hunt.

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I was rifle hunting an was

I was rifle hunting an was able to get within 50yds several times. Even told my son, "wish I had my bow". It is very doable, but may not be easy. I spent a lot of time on my belly. Dancing

Depens on how preasured the lopes are as well.

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