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Avalanche Gorge Mountain Goat (Washington)

I was lucky enough to get drawn for one of the two new goat tags in Northwest Washington this year. But on some hiking trips, I got a few great pictures I'd love to share with everyone.

If anyone gets drawn for either the Avalanche Gorge or Chowder Ridge unit this upcoming year, be sure to let me know. I'd love to take you out and show you where some of the goats like to hang out. I saw well over a 100 this year at various locations.

Check out my website for more pictures.

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Avalanche Gorge Mountain Goat (Washington)

Nice photos. Thanks for your kind offer. Thumbs up

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kbz, did you ever end up

kbz, did you ever end up getting a goat?

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ya, you can't leave us

ya, you can't leave us hanging like that Whistling

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