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Australia's knee jerk reaction

The following link is to a news story regarding a triple shooting here recently, where a Hells Angel shot down three people who were trying to assist a woman he was abusing. A nice change is the assumption that the weapon was black market and therefore tightening gun laws wouldn't prevent this or similar crimes.


Let me know if the link doesn't work and I'll cut n paste the story.

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Australia's knee jerk reaction

Worked just fine.
Good story thanks for the post.

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never know things may be

never know things may be changing govt. and public beginning to realise that registered guns and gun owners are not the problem never were and never will be..maybe they should be looking at where all the illegal pistols and assault weapons are coming from..never know maybe the same thing could happen here as in Canada.BUT WOULDNT HOLD MY BREATH

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I spent three months in

I spent three months in Australia back in 2004 and managed to land a shiela to take home to meet Mom.

I'd love to go back, and even immigrate there, but I have a lot of difficulty with the gun issues in that country. Namely not being free to own what I want. It's amazing to me how far that country, and many others, have changed since World War II. The change has not been for the better in my opinion.

Sorry for politicizing this thread. Now back to our regularly scheduled program.


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