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I know most of you do not like them because they are being used too much and so on but I have some property and want one for hunting and play. A few friends of mine have them and we love to ride.

Who has them and what do you have. Give be your opinions. I am looking at a utility between a 500-750.
I am trying to decide on Can-Am 650, Yamaha Grizzly 700 with EFI and power steering. Those are the main 2 but am studying the others as well.

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I have no experience with Can-Am, but I know you can't go wrong with a Yamaha. I have also owned Suzuki and Polaris products and have had no problems with those makes. I will say this about Polaris, it can be the best or worst to own. Like I said I had no problems with mine, while my best friend had continual problems with his which was exactly like mine. His spent more time in the shop than in the field.

I may be going out on a limb here, but I would guess that there really isn't that much difference between comparable models. The perceived superioirity of one make over another is just a marketing gimmick.

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yamaha rhino.........AWESOME!

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I have a Honda Rubicon GPScape (built in GPS) and it is a real work horse. Used it in Canada two years ago on a moose hunt and the GPS really is neat and useful. Keeps you from getting lost in a maize of logging roads and old skid trails. Great for hauling ouy game!

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I saw a Can-Am show about their 4wheelers, & in THAT show theirs beat all the other makers. I dont know if this helps much since it was their show to sell their ATV's & dont know what kind of problems it might have down the road, just like any other ATV. I only started to hear of them like 2-3 years ago so are they a basically a brand new maker on the market ?

I have a 2001 sportsmans 500 HO stock & I'll tell you that it can go through some serious stuff. but I wont lie either I've did some work on it (rebuilt motor & camshaft) but I ride it like I stole it Big smile

POWER STEERING ATV's have that now ? Think
I'd also say another is a must is independent rear suspension, EFI isnt the most important thing IMO mine dont have it & its just fine also remember w/EFI its also more expensive to fix or things could go wrong- but still nice I guess.
ground clearance is another thing to look at, but its also a draw back because the higher up the more unstable it becomes (which I think Canam says they have a wider wheel base ?)

also the option to turn off the 4 wheel drive is nice, to use 2 wheeled drive when no need for 4wd

its nice to have racks like polaris, anything you put on there will stay put since its a level rack w/o big gaps like those metal ones plus they have all these openings to put hooks for strap downs to keep the object right in place. I drilled some holes through my chainsaw case & bolt ( U bolts)it to the rack, it fits perfect . I know this isnt the most important thing but those plastic racks are really nice for strapping down stuff.

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I've got a Polaris 400 and a 500 HO, and they've been great. There are some horror stories out there about the 400s awhile back because they had some problems with a redesign, but mine have been fine. I've had mine up and down mountains, through rivers, and mud up to the fenders.

The biggest thing I'd look for is independent rear suspension. A buddy of mine has a solid back end on his Honda, and I couldn't believe how many times I saw him on three wheels. This was especially apparent when crawling through rock fields. Independent rear suspension is far more stable and agile in rough terrain, and more comfortable as well.

As for EFI, I don't have it, but it'd be nice to have. Re-jetting for altitude changes is a real pain (at least on a Polaris). EFI makes altitude and temperature changes irrelevant.

I agree that you should be able to select between 2WD and 4WD. On easy terrain, 2WD is much more maneuverable and easy to handle. But I'd go a step further and recommend being able to lock the center differential as well. My machines go into AWD, which means power is transferred when needed -- not full time. Also, the default on mine is 2WD in reverse -- you have to hold a button to override and get 4WD in reverse. This can be a pain when trying to extricate yourself and you have to have your left thumb on the switch.

A lockable differential also factors into braking. My 500 has engine braking, which is great. However, on really steep, long hills I find that it only grabs the back wheels (remember the AWD?) So the back wheels will lose traction and the machine starts skidding sideways. Diff lock would keep engine braking on all four wheels.

As for Can-Am, I don't know if you're aware, but they used to be Bombardier.

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I bought a grizzly 700. I love this machine so far, but really have a hard time finding anyplace to ride it. I have to travel about 300 miles to find a place that is leagal to drive atvs.
The grizzly's power steering isn't too noticable. So far it has ran perfect and has plenty of power to turn 27" in wheels. I have about 500 miles on it. It'l get up to about 65 mph, and is comfortable to ride. The grizzly also comes with a built in power upgrade. you can actually adjust the fuel management using your display screen to give you more power when accelerating. it works and is safe, I've tryed it.
I can't comment on the can-am, because I've never riddent one.

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I should start off by saying I don' t own one. I do ride one of my buddy's Polaris 500 HO's during elk season each year. He has two. It has always been a reliable ATV. Never left me stranded. I expect I've put well over 500 miles on it. Our other hunting buddy bought a brand new Yamaha Grizzly 700 last season. EFI and power steering. It was three weeks old and had already been back to the dealer once and had just come from the shop. We got to where we were going hunting and it would not run. It would start and then die. He had to screw around with it and finally got it running. He was very unhappy. It may be more of a dealer issue than a manufacturing issue. The power steering is nice and requires a lot less effort to turn the machine. He can ride one handed if need be. The Polaris can be tough to steer if you're going down a steep hill with a lot of weight transferred to the front tires. More air pressure might help that, too. The fenders are a little too narrow on the Polaris. It slings mud everywhere to the point where you really need to go slow in mud to keep from getting covered from head to toe. The Yamaha was a much "cleaner" ride. This could probably be addressed with fender flares. I have heard stories of the Polaris' being unreliable but the two my buddy owns have been great. I am looking to pick one up locally if the price is right. I just need to get rid of my snowmobile first. Too many toys!

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