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ATV Accessories for Food Plot Maintenance (review)

May 2008 Product Review

ATV Accessories for Food Plot Maintenance

Most hunters dream of turning a secret corner of their hunting land into a big-buck hot spot. ATVs and UTVs can be excellent tools to help in achieving this quest, because they can be used to plant food plots even in hard-to-reach hunting areas. Providing highly nutritious forage for deer will increase their antler size, help them survive high-stress conditions and hopefully help you fill the trophy space on your wall. ATV accessory manufacturers have caught on to this booming market and there are more ATV implements available today than ever before. There are food plot packages for small, medium and large food plot acreages. Some are "one-pass" designs that can make putting in a plot a snap. Here are some of the best makes and models available today. Read more...

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