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Aspen valley herd


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I would guess the reason the

I would guess the reason the herd numbers don't come down is due to the limited access in many of the areas mentioned. We have a lot of elk and I do okay getting a cow every year or so and a bull once in awhile but I rarely go hard after them into rough backcountry in the early seasons. There are usually hundreds of leftover cow tags in these units so I don't see where upping the tag numbers will help anything. There is a lot of public national forest up high but the elk don't get hunted as hard up there. When they come down lower after a little snow it's mostly on private land and getting permission is very difficult. Your already allowed 2 elk tags as it is now. All the late seasons are private land only so I would think a late public land hunt would help the most. Hunting scattered blm lands between private in December I could fill tags very quickly.

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I just looked at last years

I just looked at last years success rates in those units and they arent very good even if they are claiming the herd numbers are to high.

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