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arrow wieght

what is a good avarage weight for an arrow. im shooting a 445 gr arrow, dose that seem abit heavy. im using a carbon express 29 1/2 inch maxima hunter shaft with nap quikfletch and 100 gr g5 montec broadheads, it all comes out to 445 gr. too heavy or no ???? Think

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Re: arrow wieght

You should be fine, that a pretty average weight for elk/deer size game. I shoot 396gr, which i think should be the minimum for elk(400gr)
I talked to a archer the other day and he shoots a 498gr arrow which i thought was quite heavy like a magnum load and he was pulling 85lbs with a PSE bow at 275FPS, i called him out on the speed and the proshop busted out the chrono. His set-up was 300seires full metal jackets( they looked about 30" long) with 125gr shuttle Tee broadheads.
Anyway he said last year he stuck a bull elk in the shoulder bone and his arrow only went in a few inches and the elk ran off, so i think that shot placement is the most important thing to worry about.

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