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Arrow sizes

I bought an excalibur pheonix, now I'm trying to figure out arrow weight and broad heads etc.... What does the sizing mean like a #2213? I assume that has something to do with weight per inch. Also for broad head weight, what do people use on crossbows? Excalibur sells a 150gr but one guy told me I should got 75-100gr. And the last thing, how do I know the weight of the target points that came with my X-bow?

And any other pearls of wisdom are welcome.


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Arrow sizes

With an aluminum arrow , the 22 of the 2213 is the outside diameter and the 13 refers to the thicknessof the shaft wall. Thicker is better with a crossbow, IMO. A 125 grain broadhead is a good starting point but I would personally not shoot broadheads lighter than that. Lighter heads may be a bit faster but monentum determins penetration, more than speed. I like 150 gr Wenzell Woodsman three blade broadheads on heavy carbon shafts. I stuff heavy diameter monofilliment into the shafts to increase weight and thus monentum.
Your target points are most likely 125 grain.

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Arrow sizes

Visit Eastonarchery.com There is some great info on that site and there is also a place where you can put in the specs for your bow and it will tell you what the proper shaft you should be using.
As for broadheads There is a bunch of answers you will get on this. Night Raider is correct in his statements. I personally never use heavier than a 100 grain for most animals. The only time I went heavier was for Cape Buff. But as I said, its a personal choice.
If you would like to know the weight of your feild tips, find someone with a scale, or be real nice to whoever is at your local post office and ask them to weigh it for you...
good luck

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