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Arrow rests

Good point JTapia.
Hunting with a nocked arrow is asking for some serious injuries.

I also use a V rest. No problems.
Whiskers are nice fair weather rests. When wet they fail.

I also must be stupid.

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Arrow rests
JTapia wrote:
Archeryaddict wrote:
now if it is freezing rain that is a different story but I dont know any one stupid enough to hunt in freezing rain. 8)

Call me stupid then cause I have and will again if thats what the weather is doing when I can get the time to go hunting. Its not all that comfortable but by god I'm a huntin!!!

I use a V rest and just replace the rubber tips every season ($1.99) and I am good to go. I dont usually walk with an arrow nocked though so I dont have a problem with it falling off the rest and never had a problem with noise that I would attribute to the rest.....yet.

JTapia More power to ya Bro
Get-R- Done Big smile

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