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It would just be nice if more

It would just be nice if more than the very occasional carcass or other hard evidence would show up. Sightings are good information but can be misleading. But it's hard to doubt the fact that they are moving that way with the sheer number of people stating to have seen them.

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North Arkansas sighting

I live in northern part of Marion County, AR. Near Lead Hill, Peel - North of Yellville. My wife was walking today on our property. 50 acres of wooded land, no neighbors and she saw two medium size cats with tails. I pulled up pics of bobcats but she said NO. I showed her pics of Mountain lions and she said definately. Just a fyi.


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Not too long ago a

Not too long ago a radio-collared cougar was killed by a train in NW Oklahoma. That cat was a documented young male from the West looking to expand his range. There is also evidence of cats in Missouri, so they are probably here. But it's the Bigfoots you have to watch out for. :D  

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Just an update....There have

Just an update....There have been several more sightings and some pics of cougars over the last year. I know of one individual who took some pics as the lion crossed the road beside his house as he and his wife were siting quietly on their front porch. They are difinitely here and spreading to new territory. I doubt there will ever be a season to hunt them around here though.

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