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Arkansas Mountain Lion Sightings

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Arkansas Mountain Lion Sightings

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Arkansas Mountain Lion Sightings

Does anyone know if any of these sightings were seen in the vicinity of I-40? These sightings are probably escapees from the TWRA cougar relocation project.

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Arkansas Mountain Lion Sightings

Everyone around here knows there are mountain lions in this area and have been for over 30 years. I reckon most people don't report sightings to the Game & Fish because although they are seclusive they're not that unusual. Everyone might think I'm full of it, but I seen a black one myself in 1982. And in the late 80's I was coon hunting with some friends when something whiped 4 grown hounds and they come back to us with their tails between their legs. Might have been a bear we can only speculate. A neighbor at the foot of the mountain use to tell of one coming though her area the same time every year, sceaming like a woman being chased by an axe murder. she died about 5 years ago, so don't hear about that one anymore. But all that screaming must have been some kind of mating thing. Heres what the Game & Fish says http://www.agfc.com/wildlife-conservation/mammals/mountain-lion-mammals.... All I can say is seeing is believing, and I'm a believer !

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Arkansas Mountain Lion Sightings

I saw one around 1993 or 94 at the Sylamore WMA while using a game caller. I also have a friend that spotted one a few years later. They are here even if Game and Fish don't want you to know.

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Mountain Lions

Call them moutain lions, cougars, panthers there all the same species,
one was just struck by a car near ashfork and game and fish had to put it down. The pics of this massive grey cat are impressive. My father has seen one near the AR, TN border that was large, He also has seen them in this area in the early 70's. They do sound like a woman screaming bloody murder.
If you hear that sound in the woods don't go looking, A woman will usually yell
Oh god or some other english at the same time, If you don't hear a language and only screaming it is usually a cat. These animals can have a 100 square mile territory which is only 10 miles squared but they are really good at not being seen since they are a reclusive animal. Here are a few pics of the big cat that many people don't think exist and they are only passing through.

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I was raised in the Crowleys Ridge hills, from 1955 -1972, in a sparsely populated area (Clay Co.) The area residents consisted mostly of old-timey subsistence farmers living on the edge of large tracks of woods.  At around 15yrs. (winter of 70) I encountered a black mountain lion (in full light) while hiking a creek canyon. The next fall (1971) I encountered one (traditional color), with two young ones, in front of our house. I found lion tracks several times while hiking and hunting. Sightings were reported almost regularly by neighbors, and it was common for the cats to be seen trying to take hanging meat from porches or raiding a smoke house. Reports of their screams were also common. Read the history of the early settlement of Ar. and you will see that lions were numerous, and ranged from reddish-tan to black. In CA., where there are thousands of lions, most people who spend their lives in the outdoors never see one. AGFC adopted their official "no cougar) policy after a hired hunter/tracker spent just six months ( who knows how much or how little actual time) attempting to verify sightings and found no evidence. Just doesn't add up to me. How can AGFC completely ignore the knowledge and experience of the old-timers, especially?::confused2 ::confused2    

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back in the late 80s i was up

back in the late 80s i was up around Delaney visiting family and we did some hunting and we had a sighting there.... a couple of years later i was up visiting family in N. Central AR (Mountain Home / Cotter) area and again we saw one.   both weren't that big but I do know that they are there.  they sure look lovely for that brief moment when our eyes locked in..... but i'm sure it would scare the bejeebers out of me to be rounding the bluff only to come upon one and surprise it!!!  (YIKES!)

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BTW: One of the points that

BTW: One of the points that AGFC uses against the idea of re-introducing cougars to AR. is that the florida panther may never have been native to the state. Seems to be cutting hairs to me. Zoologist have gone crazy differentiating species based on "local markers" in the DNA. Historically, their point is mute anyway. What about our elk, blackbear, turkey, alligators and whitetails, as well as several of our "lesser species"? They were all (in varying numbers) translocated from points afar. Trout were never native to the state! I recently came across a posting with pics of a black king snake. It stated that AGFC said it was not native, and they couldn't even identify it! Well, I've seen so many of these that I didn't even know that they were, supposedly, non-native. Come on AGFC- you are loosing credibility to the point it should be embarrassing!      

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I worked with a guy over the

I worked with a guy over the summer that swore that he had seen one in Kansas while hunting Whitetails. Seems like the evidence is pointing to them heading out east.

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i dont dought that there are

i dont dought that there are cats in the midwest and east, there have been a ton of sightings

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There have been sightings

There have been sightings within 10 miles of the Atlantic Ocean. The latest was a black panther. There was a story about the recent sighting in the area paper in the spring.

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