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Arkansas hunt with scent: bacon, berry, or in heat scent...

i'm from texas...first bear hunt in Arkansas...gotta pack it in lightly...should i use a bacon or berry scent...how bout in conjunction with a 'in heat scent'....how should i combine them....i was thinking of bacon with a inheat scent dripper...what would a penny butter and jelly sandwich do if i ate 1/2 of it on my stand, hehehe, then hung the rest in the tree....

scott in dallas

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Arkansas hunt with scent: bacon, berry, or in heat scent...

Is baiting legal in AR? I don't know, but if it is you may want to check out the regulations before using scents. Sometimes scents get lumped in with "food scents" as baiting. There was some discussion on this here although it wasn't related to AR.

Just a heads up. Good luck!

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Arkansas hunt with scent: bacon, berry, or in heat scent...

I'll start by saying that I'm not a bear hunter, but since you mentioned bacon as an attractant, you might want to look at maple-syrup bacon that they sell now. You can smell that stuff a mile away. When we cook that for breakfast you can still smell it in the kitchen the next day. I would imagine that the combination of syrup and bacon would really bring in a bear.

(in case you're wondering, it doesn't taste as good as it sounds - but we still use it because the smell is awesome)

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