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Arizona's Governors Tag Elk

Here is a link to Arizona's governors elk tag harvest.  This was for 2010-2011 and from what I understand the hunter was getting close to the end of the 365 day hunt that he had. 


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That's a magnificent bull and

That's a magnificent bull and the end to a great hunt I'm sure. I bet I'd get scared if I knew how much he had to pay for that tag and group of guides though. Even though he was able to take a shortcut It just goes to show again though that if we are ever lucky enough to draw the right tag that there are always great bulls out there for us to chase.

Congratulations to the hunter, It's the bull of more than one lifetime.

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Holy Moly, that's a big bull

Holy Moly, that's a big bull elk!  Funny thing is, he even looks bigger in that 2010 photo, if that's possible!

Very cool for the hunter.  I like the idea of that 365 day tag.  It can bring alot of interesting variables intot he hunt.  Of course, if you pay that much for that tag, it's not going to be a 365 day tag, cause you won't hunt from the time they drop until about now, when they are getting ready to shed their velvet.

Congrats to him!  Great Bull!

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