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Arizona fire out of control

Arizona fire out of control     http://firefighterblog.com/

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jeez! i guess now is not a

jeez! i guess now is not a good time to take a hunting trip down there

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I wouldn't take a trip down

I wouldn't take a trip down there right now but after the fire has passed over an area the deer and elk will move into the burn area faster than you would think.  The new browse that comes up is just the type of feed that those animals love to eat.  I have actually seen deer and elk in a burn area while it is still smoldering just laying there.  Now next year that burn area will be a hunters haven with patches of burned off areas with lots of feed and patches of trees that were left unburnt where they can hide or think that they can. 

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Yep, like Critter said, the

Yep, like Critter said, the deer love the burn area after a fire.  Especially since it's happening now, it's only 3 months till the monsoon season over in Arizona, and that will leave lots and lots of fresh green sprouts for the hunting seasons this fall.

I am all too familiar with fires out here in San Diego.  We had one in 2004 and one in 2007, and each one took over 1,000 homes.  They were each over a quarter of a million acres. I both worked them, from a law enforcement standpoint, and hunted them shortly after, from a private citizen standpoint.

The deer will show up, as long as they avoided the fire in the first place. 

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