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Scouting last week!

Well, I took my twin boys scouting with me a week ago today. We saw lots of good, but old sign at 2 tanks we hiked to. We were going to go to another that I had marked with my GPS but decided to get a little further away from the roads and hike to a tank I hadn't made a waypoint for. Just using a compass, a map and the GPS to try and find our way, we were within about a 10th of a mile from the tank and spotted 5 cows on the side of a ridge very near the top about 55 yards from us. They saw us about the same time we spotted them. The lead Cow began to move to our left, came toward us to about 40 yards and down the ridge continuing away on our left. If only it was mid Sept. and I had my bow! I would be writing about the cow I tagged! We quickly hiked away from what appeared to be a bedding area for the cows and went back to the truck to keep this spot in mind for the fall!

Question???? What is the likelyhood that they will be in the area agin come September?

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Arizona 6A Archery Cow Elk Hunt

Hunted that unit several years ago and Elk were everywhere. It should be an exciting and easy hunt. Find a good draw and just make sure the wind is in your face. Start making "excited" cow calls and the elk will come to you on a string. You will probably get some bulls come in and scream in your face as well. If that doesn't get your blood pumping I'm not sure what will.

I recommend using the mellow yellow call (mouth diaphram) from Rocky Mtn or Imperial Single Reed from Primos. Enjoy and have fun!

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