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Arizona, 2012 , Late Season Cow Elk, 17-A , 19-B and others.

I lucked out and got a tag for hunt # 3097. This is a late cow elk rifle hunt. November 9th through December 13th. Units 17-A,17-B,18-B,19-B 20-A & 20-C. I've been on the maps like crazy, but i'm lacking some experienced insight.

I am focused on a section of Precott National forest in unit 19-B, just North of Pauldin along highway 89. Just west of the highway in the "Big Black Mesa" area.

The second place is along the "Juniper Mesa wilderness Area" westeren unit 17-A. I'm trying to educate myself on herd migration, as well as food, water, and weather influences in these area's. But I'm not finding much beyond the game and fish unit reports.

Any help or input for a rookie would be greatly appreciated. Thumbs up

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