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Arizona 12A west ( AKA Kaibab)

I drew the Kaibab deer hunt early season. Would like to here from anyone that hunted it in the past.

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Arizona 12A west ( AKA Kaibab)

Hi there,

Early hunt you say. That is in Oct and your best chance is to start West of FR22. Check the area around FR255 I believe it is. Just go South of Big Springs and go up the hill on FR22 and go to the West at the top some where. Lots of good places to camp and hunt. Checks the area of the Bridger Knoll fire from '98. Not hard to spot when you are on the edge. Hunt both side of the road (FR22). There are deer there, as well as hunters. Don't be afraid of walking around. Check the draws and canyons. There is a lot of road hunters, so try to get out and about. Try to scout if possible. If not, good luck any ways. If you have anymore questions you can ask away.

Good luck and better hunting.

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