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Are we trying to crash the economy?

Ayn Rand would be proud of this story -- the Dems want to create jobs by punishing investment. I honestly don't see how this can possibly create more jobs, grow business, or stop jobs from going offshore. All it's going to do is pass the cost down to individual investors, thus reducing investment and taking money out of the pockets of everyday Americans. And by the way, don't investors put their money into businesses that are the most profitable? We can't have investment going to the most productive companies...better let the government have it.

Unbelievable. It's like trying to trying to fix a flat tire by putting sugar in the gas tank.


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Are we trying to crash the economy?

I've heard a few theories that the economy is being purposely sabotaged. I personally don't believe it's being done on purpose but it's a fact you couldn't do a much better job if you were trying. I don't think it's some sort of conspiracy, just short sighted incompetence.

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