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Are we getting excited yet?

I don't know about you, but I am already dreaming of this year's hunt.  In fact, I get as much joy out of the dreaming and planning as I do the actual hunt.  I spend some time in beautiful country and quality time with some great hunting buddies.  Have even enjoyed Groovy Mike a couple of times. 

Ok, what has me so excited already?  This picture was taken two weeks ago in our hunting grounds.  Wouldn't you be excited too???

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Yeah, can't wait for the hunt. But it isn't till third season.

By the way, where do you hunt.......in a zoo....look at all those bucks!


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Wow AF, I'm excited, and I've

Wow AF, I'm excited, and I've only seen does.  Can't imagine what I'd do with them all walking around.... lol

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Absolutely and your picture

Absolutely and your picture doesn't help.lol

28 days till I leave for my first hunt and then it's a whirlwind of activity until mid January with only a break for the month of December. I may be able to fill that in as well though if I think on it for awhile.

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What a great group of bucks ! Thumbs up I am excited all year long when it comes to muledeer.


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Always great

to see pic's of something you don't have a tag for!!!  Makes me feel a little better!!!! O.K. Not really!!Probably next fall I will burn my points!!!! Thanks for sharing!!

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  Yes, Definitely excited...


Yes, Definitely excited... especially if I had that picture for my grounds.  Nice brut in the back!


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