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Some did, Some didn't

My pet forky dropped his 2 weeks ago, but I saw a big four point today still wearing his. Yesterday I saw 3 big bulls, one had just dropped an antler and was playing with it. I tried to get it, but he was acting aggressive so I waited till later, and somebody already grabbed it! This was right on the road! So around here, anyway, they are starting to fall.

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Moose drop or should I say,

Moose drop or should I say, start to drop their antlers in December and can hold them well into Feb. even March, at least here in NH. I have seen 3.5 year old bulls(estimate age, for those who don't believe you can age a moose without pulling a tooth) still carrying their antlers in March. the Larger more Dominant bulls tend to drop theirs first with the younger bulls holding them much longer!

Hope that helps, must be close to the same time frame in CO I would guess.

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