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are charles daly rifles any good?

Just saw a 30.06 Superior Grade Mauser from Charles Daly. Does anyone know if these are good rifles?

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are charles daly rifles any good?

I have not used one but have heard good reviews of them. I know they make some excellent shotguns at a great price.

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are charles daly rifles any good?

I'd define a good rifle based on the following:

- Weight
- Optic mounting system
- Type of barrel (chrome, etc)
- Trigger mechanism
- How it shoots in ideal situations.
- How it shoots in non-ideal situations.

If your rifle meets your needs in these areas, I'd say it is a good rifle, regardless of what the name brand is.

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are charles daly rifles any good?

I read somewhere that Charles Daly rifles are Czech made, and the Czechs have traditionally had a solid reputation for workmanship -- even when they were behind the iron curtain.

But I'll admit that's no guarantee. The same company that makes the Corvette made the Chevette.

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are charles daly rifles any good?

I've heard only good things about the charles daly rifles/action. Though I have never used one personally. They are based on the Mauser action so the design is definately time proven. I've looked at a few at gun shops and they seem to be well built. The fit and finish is very tight. I've contemplated building a custom on a CD action, simply because they can be purchased reasonably from Brownells. The true test will be seeing how true and square the actions are from the factory.

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are charles daly rifles any good?

Bought a brand new Charles Daily semi-auto 12 guage last year,3 months later the action block broke in half,i returned it and got my money back,bought an 870 SM.

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are charles daly rifles any good?

I saw a review of Charles Daly shotguns on Guns & Ammo TV a few weeks ago and they said it feels and fires like an Ithaca but Im not sure. I have thought about purchasing one myself. If you get onelet me know how you like it.

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