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Archery tuning ?'s

But Buck....Im not from Vermont so what could IIII know Laugh Laugh Laugh

Ok racer that answered the question as far as Broadhead planeing...Get ya new rest put on and get a string loop tied on...2 things that a string loop will solve is string torque from poor hand positioning which you can and most likely WILL have to deal with in a tree stand, and wear on your serving on the string. Another thing I REALLY stress hard is if you are going to be hunting from a tree stand then PRACTICE shooting from elevated points....Try to get the same height as what you will be shooting from...Its always best to have a friend with you to help retrieve arrows and move the target around for you...Also switch out with ya buddy since you doin all tha shooting wouldnt be as much fun for HIM/HER...Also when practicing from the ground...Practice shooting from the seated position...Kneeling position...and shooting around a tree I.E. Leaning around it...All 3 of these positions you will encounter over time in the woods...Bout the only position I dont practice from is standing on ma head...and I think Imma lil too damn old to try that Laugh Laugh Dont forget to take that bow to the ProShop Racer..I cant stress that enough...Have it thoroughly checked out and tuned and have them check YOU out shooting it...I know it may sound dumb and a waste of money...But even after 40+ years shooting and working on my own bows...I STILL have a checkup once in a while letting a pro check my form and such while shooting...I even go so far as to film myself shooting to check my own form. This kind of diligence is what will make you a success with a Bow...Also racer...something you may or may not know...Pa is one of the TOP archery states in the country....There are ALL kinds of 3D shoots in the state starting in the spring all the way up to archery season in the fall.....EXCELLENT practice and very hard to beat alot of them..Never know...You may get into it and become the Next Jeff Hopkins!!!!

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Ha i went to a 3d shoot last year it was real neat didnt get the chance this year. But i plan on going every month this spring.

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