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~ ARCHERY ONLY - Shoot 2 does ( axis, whitetail, black buck ) $150.00 ( texas )

~ ARCHERY ONLY - Shoot 2 does ( axis, whitetail, black buck ) $150.00

ADD ON this awesome holiday doe special to any of the hunt packages we offer. Is not a stand alone hunt just for the does,.. it's to add on to the other hunting pacs we have at this beautiful ranch in dhanis, tx.

SO for example you choose the UNLIMTED HOGS pac for the 2 day hunt, you can ADD ON this hunt as a extended meat hunt.

Ranch has good numbers of : black buck, axis, sika, auodad, whitetail and hogs of every color and size. 24 stands of all types to hunt. Everything from ground blinds to ladder tripod, and climber stands. 500 acres of awesome bowhunting !

Just 1 hour west on 90 from San Antonio, you will love the lush accommodations and game rich environment !
For more details, info, pics and video :

Check out the website at : www.quatrobranch.com


facebook :  quatrobranch

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Damn, too bad it's not a

Damn, too bad it's not a stand alone hunt, I might have made the trip for that..... Wink

Seriously though, that's a heck of a deal, for someone who books another hunt.  Alot of extra meat right there.

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