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Archery Moose in Vermont WMU E1

Well I finally drew a moose tag. I am going to be archery hunting October 1-7 in Vermont WMU E1. So I am basically looking for any info anyone can give me on the area. I probably won't get much scouting time. Possibly a long weekend before hand or more likely just arrive a few days before the season.

Looks like there is lots of land open to the public for hunting. There is a lot of land owned by Plum Creek Timber Company. Anyone know if they have a place to get a map that shows their past logging activities and accesible logging roads?

I am also checking into renting a remote cabin. Any thoughts on if that is the way to go or would getting a motel room be easier? I am not sure on the condition of logging roads and my thought was that it would be quicker in the morning if I was at a cabin. I also have everything to set up my own camp, but it doesn't look like they allow much of that like they do out west.

Anyway thanks in advance for any info....


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Congrats! and good luck!

Congrats on the hard to get moose tag!  You drew a GREAT area - now make the most of it.  Do all the scouting you can - even if it is a month before the season so that you can get the lay of the land and LOOK FOR MOOSE TRACKS. 

If there is still contact info for the Champion Lands Leaseholders and Traditional Interest Association (a group renting cabins) in the moose handbook - contact them and rent with confidence.  That's what I did in 2009 and the cabin was great.  It was $400 for the cabin use during all the scouting and hunt with propane and firewood included.  Can't ask for more than that.

See here for the details of my hunt:


Keep us posted as your hunt develops and good luck!  Give me a shout if you have any questions.


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Very cool!  And ditto what

Very cool!  And ditto what Mike said.  Great tag, congrats!

Best of luck!!!

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Congrats there BuckandBull -

Congrats there BuckandBull - you're in for a great time.

A couple of the folks have mentioned doing as much scouting as possible. That's KEY, so if you can squeeze out some more time to do so it may well pay big rewards.

Good Luck!

- Jay

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